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Openers Needed Like It’s Christmas and There are Too Many Presents Under the Tree

It’s a good problem to have, we admit it. We contact hundreds of quality small to medium-sized businesses every day offering them what is probably the best online marketing package anywhere, and for a lot less than the competition… Wait, we know what you’re thinking; “Everyone says they are the best, cheapest, etc.” We really are though. We start our customers with guaranteed first page local Google ranking in several areas of their business, we give them a free multi-page optimized website, we give them a mobile site, we create pages for their business on social media sites, we even throw in 30 second marketing video on YouTube promoting their business, and then we can add even more services if they desire. That’s a lot of stuff and we probably don’t have to tell you that if a business went to your average ad agency with a wish list like that they would be paying tens of thousands of dollars up front.

Well, depending on the industry and location (extremely important factors in the SEO biz as you’ll find out) we can offer some packages literally for about what they pay their cable company each month.

You might be asking at this point, “What on earth do you need me for! This isn’t a used car!” We agree! But we do need you, more than you might imagine.

Here’s the thing, the vast majority of our customers don’t know what all of that stuff is. They are busy. They don’t have an in-house marketing department, they don’t have time to weave through the admittedly complex world of optimization, and many don’t even know how much lack of online presence is hurting their business and how profitable business could be with a better and more professional online presence.

So that is where you come in. Open that Christmas present for our customer. Speak to them in a language they get and show them how valuable our service is.

We offer our talented and valuable openers great pay, great benefits, a fun and exciting work environment, bonuses, and a chance to grow professionally and personally with a company that is truly invested in them.

If you have a knack for sales (and like opening presents) give us a call or click here.

Your future is waiting.